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by Roswenthe Blackwell
Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:40 pm
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Topic: What do you need
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Re: What do you need

Deuce Halsey wrote:Ami, I always loved those modern office/retail buildings you used to sell in SL. They were very modern designs with floor to ceiling blue glass. I don't remember what the series was called.
Some modern buildings would be great!
by Roswenthe Blackwell
Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:56 pm
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Topic: Medieval Village by Avia Bonne
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Re: Medieval Village by Avia Bonne

Visited today. Really beautiful build. Be nice to see it used for a RP or something.
by Roswenthe Blackwell
Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:37 pm
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Topic: Badger Spirit - Textures, Animations, & Misc
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Badger Spirit - Textures, Animations, & Misc

Hello everyone! I am bringing some of my things over from SL. I mostly dabble in making stuff for myself that I end up selling, including roleplay and circus animations, poses, steampunk plaid textures, wood textures, and floor textures. I have some other random things yet to upload, such as light m...