Why do avatar pieces not attach at login?

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Why do avatar pieces not attach at login?

Post by Snoots Dwagon »

I'm somewhat new to these forums, so hope I'm posting in the right area. :mrgreen:

I've noticed every time I log in, pieces of my avatar attachments / clothing are no longer attached. I play the part of a small dragon (a dwagon) who walks upright on two legs and fully clothed.

As an example when I logged in today my avatar was missing its jacket, pants, shirt ruffle and left paw. The paws / feet are primmed attachments. The Jacket and Pants were mesh clothing. My sculpted hat, mesh shirt, other shirt ruffle, and other paws / feet /head were all attached.

When I looked in my inventory sure enough... the missing parts were just sitting there, failing to attach or the system even recognizing they need to be attached. Yet just the night before when I logged out I was fully clothed and rezzed.

So just wondering what causes this. Is it Opensim or a Viewer issue? What handles the avatar assembly? Because every time I log in at least two or more avatar parts fail to attach, without exception. Very often a part has attached but simply failed to rez. My feet do this on a regular basis. I use the wireframe function-- ctrl shift R and back-- and there the feet are!

So this indicates two issues: 1) failure to rez and 2) failure to attach. Would like to know if there is a "fix" for these issues. Thanks you! :)
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Re: Why do avatar pieces not attach at login?

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Hi Snoots,

I recommend you open Viewer > Preferences > Network & Files > Directories press both the "Clear Cache" button and the "Clear Inventory Cache" button then restart the viewer, go back inworld, open your inventory, click on the folder containing your outfit then select Replace Current Outfit to wear all its components instead of what you currently have on (even if you think it's the same).
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