new default texture key id not being allowed on KMP

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Re: new default texture key id not being allowed on KMP

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Mike, when you upload a file to OpenSim it is processed by both the viewer and OpenSim. The mesh and its materials are separated from one another and stored as separate asset UUIDs. The object that combines them references all those UUIIDs, as well as other UUIDs that are used by various OpenSim processes, such as particle systems. In other words, OpenSim uses the object data to record information that it needs for various things beyond knowing which asset UUIDs belong to the assets you've uploaded. This happens for all objects, not just the ones that are showing you listing errors. OpenSim, unfortunately, doesn't clean up after itself and when it no longer needs a temporary asset UUID it created for some process it doesn't always remove it from the object data. When that broken reference remains you will get a listing error. Note, however, that you will also get a listing error for a broken reference to an asset that is required for properly rendering a model, which is why we can't just ignore these missing assets.

As for your last comment, had I not cared about what kind of service we provide to our users I wouldn't have spent so much time answering every single one of your many forums posts. I would have just ignored them. The problem is one of expectations. You assume that we'll continue to fix every OpenSim or viewer bug you report, ignoring the fact that we don't charge nearly enough to be able to spend all our R&D resources on continued OpenSim development. We therefore need to prioritize what we work on, even when you would like us to focus on whatever OpenSim/viewer issue you've last encountered. Even so, we've been a lot more responsive over the years in fixing bugs (in our system, in OpenSim, and even a few in the viewer) than various virtual world companies that have hundreds of employees and tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue.
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