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Re: cannot teleport to dynamic world?

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 12:31 pm
by Chris Namaste
yes ilan,
what i think, its that this probl is related to all the work danny has done,
he spend 2 weeks,of his own holiday with 'that new update thingee' to make all better :s
seems many pple complained, and as u know its not 'good software' (or how must i say that),
and ure very,careful with it & adapt it in bits & pieces
atm he (imo) cant keep up anymore, he is a kind & caring person, and he seems so
disapointed & tired
i really am so mad,when pple bring 'something on market',and has so many errors :'(
i told dave, my partner (programmer) this as well,showing danny his groupnote how bad it went - 2 weeks work O.o
and he 'recognize' the language that this new update isnt ok yet, and there must b errors in it
in mean while much spots-lands-shops ' moved' as well, so its a big :'( for him, i wish he had known it wasnt,good software (yet)
and that pple than complain eh 'grrrr', in stead of being supportive & kind & appreciatiating all the work...
important : he resetted all to 'before' again.
suuuuuuuuuuuuch ashame ....
thx ilan