Welcome Center: Broken Starter Pack

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Feathalion Ethaniel
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Welcome Center: Broken Starter Pack

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Hello, Long time Second Life and OpenSim private server user Feathalion Ethaniel here!

I've just decided to start exploring Kitely (after how many years now?) and came across a broken vendor at the Welcome Center. Specifically the Kitely Starter Pack vendor in the center island of the Centre. It has four notecards inside it, none of which are readable, since they are no copy/mod/trans and there appears to be no script to hand them, or anything else out to the avi clicking on it. I'm not sure if there's anything else that should be included.

Really, the only thing likely to be useful to me, if it is just supposed to be the notecards, would be the landmarks, but I'm sure I can find these things of interest in other ways, so there's that...

Feathalion Ethaniel
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Dot Matrix
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Re: Welcome Center: Broken Starter Pack

Post by Dot Matrix »

Hello Feathalion

Many thanks for pointing this out. I checked the board with an alt, and it was indeed broken yesterday.

However, it now appears to be fixed (I guess Ilan was able to sort it out).
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Story Link
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Re: Welcome Center: Broken Starter Pack

Post by Story Link »

Ilan works magic!
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