Respecting Intellectual Property

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Respecting Intellectual Property

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Kitely is very respective of the rights of Intellectual Property owners and we require that you be as well.

This means not uploading, using or selling content which you know hasn't been legally licensed for that purpose. There is no lack of unlicensed content on the internet. Some of it has been copied ("copybotted") from other grids, while other content has been copied from games and various online services.

Please remember that just because someone is willing to share something with you for free doesn't mean that they have obtained the right to do so from the people who actually created that content. Similarly, if you see content that includes well known trademarks then it is very likely that the people who created that content haven't obtained the rights to display or distribute it (even if they do so for free).

To avoid problems, we recommend that you either create your own content, buy it from Kitely Market, or acquire it from other online or inworld locations that have policies for promptly removing unlicensed content that is reported to them. No matter where you get it, make sure that it has a license attached to it that permits you to do what you intend to do with that content. That license may come in the form of an implicit license, such as the one that is defined in our TOS for Kitely Market products that don't include an explicit license. If you wish to ascertain the legality of content that you get elsewhere then look for an explicit license such as a Creative Commons license or one that was defined by the content creator and attached to the item (usually as a notecard).

If you find unlicensed content in Kitely Market then please report it to us using the Report Product link that is included in that product listing. If you find unlicensed content inworld then please report it to the grid owner of the grid in which that content is hosted. If that grid is Kitely then please let us know here.

For additional information, please see: ... l+Property
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