Case Study: Multi-College Diversity Course in Kitely

Using virtual worlds for education
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Case Study: Multi-College Diversity Course in Kitely

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Since the Coronavirus pandemic has started we've been getting a lot of interest from organizations that are looking for virtual-world alternatives to real-world education, training, meetings and events. Our Organizations offering was designed for just such purposes, and we think that it will be instructive to show how one large project has been using it.

The project is the Introduction to Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity course. This 14-week course is now in its second year and has already been taken by more than 1200 students from 7 different colleges in 3 different languages (English, Hebrew and Arabic).

Read the Case Study here: ... in-kitely/
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Re: Case Study: Multi-College Diversity Course in Kitely

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Well Shared! Nice Case Study!
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Re: Case Study: Multi-College Diversity Course in Kitely

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Well-written, comprehensive overview of this experiment. I love how Kitely developed the Setup Kitely application (among others) to streamline the experience.

In my own experience, the biggest hurdle for newcomers into virtual worlds has been that of technical prowess. The Firestorm viewer is a bit too complex for most new users. Basic tasks like customizing one's avatar requires a degree of technical skill the average web browser simply doesn't possess nor has the patience to learn.

It would be fantastic if the day comes when a stripped down, basic viewer could be offered, and one which allows single-click changing of pre-designed outfits, shapes, skins, hairs without needing end users to understand inventory management and appearance editing.

It's great to see Kitely responding and adapting!
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