Request to Re-categorize Avatar Listing

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Snoots Dwagon
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Request to Re-categorize Avatar Listing

Post by Snoots Dwagon »

The current Market Avatar listing looks like the following. I would like to recommend changes. Yes, I know that's a bit to ask, but perhaps the reason will be visible in this post.

Unnecessary Categories
Below this, we have a large listing for COLOR. Does anyone actually search for a specific color in every listing on the market? Perhaps that section could be eliminated altogether for simplicity... and colors added as a sub-category to individual areas where it might be needed (for example, under Automobiles). But in honesty, how often does someone search for color as a main category? Even if we shop for cars, I somewhat doubt anyone would say, "I want a green car." They'd probably just search through all cars and see if something strikes their fancy, yups? I'm not sure Color is all that necessary in most cases (perhaps in clothing / shoes etc). But in such cases, I doubt any seller would list an items specifically under color, opting instead for alternative offerings. A buyer would more likely search for "green shoes" if that's specifically what they wanted.

Under the main headings on the first market page, we have four different areas related to avatars:
Avatar Accessories
Avatar Animations
Avatar Appearance

In reality, all of these Main categories could be placed under one category: AVATARS

Under AVATAR APPEARANCE we currently have listed:
Avatar Component Bundles
Avatar Shapes
Avatar Skins
Complete Avatars
Cosmetic Enhancements

Most of these are understandable, but what is "Avatar Component Bundles"... and how that would differ from Avatar Accessories? Since there are currently 89 listings, ranging from skin packs to full avatars, it seems merchants may be confused as to what this means as well. Would Avatar Accessories and Complete Avatarsbe better replacements for the head-scratcher Avatar Component Bundles category?

Potential alternative:

AVATARS (Main heading on first page, one category that covers everything avatar)

Avatar Accessories
Avatar Animations
Avatar Shapes
Avatar Skins
Complete Avatars
... Human
....... Male
....... Female
....... Other
... Furry
... Misc
... Weefolk
(etc etc)
Cosmetic Enhancements (Eyes and Tattoos would be here rather than separate categories)

(are there any other primary avatar categories sellers might wish in this list?

Under the Weefolk category, we might have listed: Clothing & Accessories. Or we could have a Weefolk Clothing category under CLOTHING. Still, it would seem best to bunch all things Weefolk under the Weefolk avatar area. Or, give Weefolks their own Main classification, with Avatars / Accessories / Clothing / Furnishings / Homes / Vehicles under that Main heading. Either way would work for Weefolk creators, as either way would make it easy for buyers to find "all things Weefolk".

These are just thoughts that may make Kitely Market easier to navigate for those searching for avatars. It's not that people can't find things now. It's that some things aren't obvious in concept, while other things can be combined into common categories.

Thank yew for considerations. -- Snoots
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Ilan Tochner
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Re: Request to Re-categorize Avatar Listing

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Hi Snoots,

Thank you for your suggestion but some of it goes against Kitely Market's use of both Attributes and Categories to organize content. Categories define what a product IS while attributes describe its properties. For example, Something is a hair and it is designed for Weefolk, it's long and is blue colored. In this example the category would be Avatar Appearance > Hair, the Avatar Type attribute would be Weefolk, the Hair Color attribute would be Blue, and the Hair Length attribute would be Long.

This organization enables you to search and filter results using multiple criteria without having to create a very complex category tree that would also require posting a single product in multiple categories for it to be found in all the logical places a potential buyer may look for it.

The reason that some attributes apply to entire categories while some apply only to subcategories is that some attributes can be logically used to describe all the products in all the subcategories of a category while other attributes only make sense for some of that category's subcategories.

The difference between Avatar Component Bundles and Avatar Accessories is that the former should contain parts that can be used to build an avatar body (things that you could say are "part of my body") and the latter should contain things that can be attached to avatar bodies ("this is something I put on my body that isn't clothing", i.e. an accessory).

The division you suggested where you'd need to start creating subcategories under the different avatar types would force merchants to list items that can be used by different avatar types under multiple categories. That is exactly what our design is intended to prevent. You'll note that big realworld marketplaces, such as Amazon, also use categories and attributes for the same reason.

Please read: ... ategories/
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