Join us today at the Kitely Community Meeting (June 13)

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Ilan Tochner
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Join us today at the Kitely Community Meeting (June 13)

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Today's Kitely Community Meeting will be held at 1:00pm PDT in Kitely Welcome Center.

(See timezone information here: ... ific-time/.)

The meeting will be a social gathering with an opportunity for newcomers to ask questions and old hands to exchange information about projects and events.

We'll start by answering any questions that you may have about the Kitely grid, our deal for always-on Dedicated Server worlds or the free advertising option for your Kitely Market store.

If you haven't seen this already, please read about our Environmental Enhancements and improved scripting.

We'll then take questions about our Organizations (virtual grids) offering and our features for supporting large multi-world events.

This video demonstrates the results of our Advanced Worlds performance:

There will then be time for Kitely and non-Kitely members to discuss whatever else meets your fancy. Please join us.
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Snoots Dwagon
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Re: Join us today at the Kitely Community Meeting (June 13)

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Well, if anyone has ever wanted to discuss Blockchain or the potential effects of cryptocurrency on virtual economies, you missed a lotta fun. The meeting ran (at least) 20 minutes overtime. We discussed the pros and cons of Blockchain, with Ilan and Mike taking opposite sides of the debate while the majority listened and offered occasional observations. It was both entertaining and educational.

Ilan announced the opening of Kitely Starter Avatar World and the elimination of the current Starter Avatar Kiosk from the Welcome Center. (Who needs a kiosk when you have a WHOLE SHOPPING CENTER of Starter avatars?) And since it's intended to teach newbies both how to shop and how to assemble an avatar from scratch, that's good news for Kitely Market merchants as well. Cos you just know people gonna wanna upgrade. :D

All in all a fun meeting. Still no cookies present, but sometimes it just takes time for the important things to get done.
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