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Re: Options in the Market

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It's not completely true that "nobody is making stuff for system avatars anymore" unless I'm nobody. Granted I'm not getting rich, but there are still peeps who prefer system avatars or at least BoM avatars that can wear system clothes.
Ozwell Wayfarer wrote:
Fri Mar 01, 2024 5:44 pm
Shandon Loring wrote:
Fri Mar 01, 2024 4:58 am

Is anybody at all interested in a concerted Community effort to outreach to SL creators and educate them as to potential, and security, of selling on Kitely Market? Absolutely no disrespect to our wonderful Kitely creators, but certainly the more the merrier.
This has been attempted various times in the past. We have had a few well-known brands test the water but it didn't really come to anything, which tells you they didn't see the numbers they wanted. Sadly, the financial incentive is just not there.

I have made quite a chunk over 10+ years, but the truth of the mater is that it would not even cover 1 year of my expenses. It has been very nice pocket money, but had I not been interested in Opensim for my own reasons, the effort vs reward calculation makes very little sense. And most of my products are fairly simple static mesh objects. There is some scripting here and there but not much and its basic.

Unfortunately, this problem becomes even more acute when it comes to avatars. Opensim has fallen really, really far behind SL on this front. Now, by far and away the most popular way to make an avi is with heavily scripted multi-mesh parts and a few mesh body creators have a complete stranglehold on the market.

So if a skin or clothing creator wants to come from SL to OS now.......how? We dont have the most popular mesh bodies which all of their stuff is designed for.

Skins do tend to have "Bake on Mesh" options, which match the old SL avatars UV maps, but even that is now falling out of favour for custom UV's, especially for heads (LeLutka being most popular). Nobody is making stuff for system avatars anymore.

Then OSSL and LSL are also not the same. So any scripted attachment beyond the most basic will likely need re-scripting to some degree. People also want to take their avis cross-grid, so that precious complex scripting would all need to be exportable (and therefore, vulnerable).

So increasingly its just not the case that someone can easily port content from SL to OS and the time investment to do it becomes bigger and bigger.

I dont wish for this to come across as a negative post, but we have to acknowledge our issues if we ever hope to overcome them. I certainly dont have any easy answers.
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Re: Options in the Market

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Fayre, totally true (is how i felt as well btw)

often i see pple refering to 'big brands', many big have left kitely & other vw's, not many keep it up (like we do), and that is nice to feel respected than 'not being a famous brand'. what does that mean in life anyway...

and,ive asked the question : what pple would like, the person who made this topic did not seem to respond, so ? i donno ?

i sell as much bom-classic system as mesh,

and having 'this i would like, can u make it', WOULD help ;)
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Chris CreationZ url kitely market : https://www.kitely.com/market?store=914 ... &sort=date
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Re: Options in the Market

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Sorry, I was painting with a broad brush and I didn't mean to disparage anyone who does still make system components.

I suppose a better way to phrase it would be that the number of people making such items has shrunk by a very significant amount.

BOM skins are of course still very popular as many mesh avatars have been careful to preserve the default SL UV map. But things are starting to move away from that now (as I mentioned with LeLutka's "EvoX" heads) But outside of that both the market for and people catering to it is undeniably smaller now than it ever has been in SL.

And I agree that if anyone does want to attempt to bring creators over from SL, targeting smaller brands would undoubtedly be more fruitful than going for the bigger, well known ones and it would be way healthier for the overall market.
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