Digital Lisbon is going 8X8 in Kitely

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Digital Lisbon is going 8X8 in Kitely

Post by Carlos Loff » Wed Jun 17, 2015 3:57 pm


Although it will be an 8X8 land area - No, I did not convinced Ilan or Oren to allow Me an 8X8 Var, lol, I understand fully the constraints of that, even a 5X5, but also believe it will evolve sooner than we think, and it will also be up to Firestorm to improve it - But an 8X8 Var is for now out of the question anywhere in Opensim, and believe Me I just own a 7X7 now but will close it up


Im pleased to announce that I figure it out how to finally raise a mega Lisbon City, equivalent to 8X8 Land or 64 Regions together and it´s going to be available in few days - special thanks to Selby Evans that supported my project and trusted my intentions for the usage of all of us

Please remember to help, you can use the Crowdfund Campaign or just Tip on the landing area box - I NEED KCs - not specifically dollars - It´s all for Kitely fees and contents

I will do a 64 Regions City by using just 1 Fixed Priced Advanced 4X4 World, actually Lisbon already exists and it will only change in scale and ambition, it has been stalled/paused because of my need to make it bigger and more complete, making me fully non-decided so far on Jumping to fast Development or Wait for Bigger Lands services

I will build a planned 64 Regions city area by dividing it into 4 worlds of 16 Regions each that - BY NOW - will correspond to 4 vertical layers separated by 1.000 meters = 1 ground terrain 4X4 world plus 3 layers 4X4 inner worlds, spread vertically in sky heights and built like the continuity of ground World, all done on the same 4X4 Advanced World

Than I will develop the ground one first and, little by little complete the sky ones, using loads of low prim mesh, fewer scripts and all low lag options, very carefully

The ground landing World will have off-sim parcels for the sense of continuity up to about 50 mts - OpenSim meters - and the builds in the sky will provide fast copies for those pieces for visual continuity

Than each of the 4 worlds will be surrounded by huge transparent walls and each wall will Teleport - upon collision - to the sky layer-world who has the portion of land that should follow on that side we collided (flown to), interconnecting everything, North, South, East or West - Passages will work on an instant way, just like an inner world flash teleport, because it all happens on the same world and no region activation is needed

I will have to use sky water on the non ground regions but anyway Lisbon only needs real ocean on 2 of the 4 MegaLands, the rest is inner city - ponds and lakes

This crazy megalomaniac way will allow me to reproduce the city almost, and I mean almost, street by street, well I guess at least 60 per cent of RL roads and alleys may be there, witch is huge for a Virtual World RL Replica - Many months of work until... I guess... Chrystmas

But there is more, much more to my megalomaniac plan, LOL !!!

- On a near future, although I will offer free uses and rentals and a few low-cost specific rentals, if I manage to make enough KCs to expand, I may think about purchasing 3 more fixed-priced plans of 4X4 each and than have each Megaland on it´s own world - so some can be moderate and others be adult and enjoy 4 different presentation pages - That will allow more prims per world and faster usage but colliding with limits and teleporting to continuity region (outer world) will be more problematic, but maybe on a near future Kitely manages to make Worlds opening faster and faster

- On a distant future, with longterm OpenSim development, I still dream of a real unique fast performance 8X8 Var Region and than I will just drop it all in the same world

Anyway you can visit anytime you like because it has been open and made fixed-price (Advanced World) visits are zero cost - ... UAL-LISBON



Lisbon Features for All to Develop & Enjoy

(All copied from real life Lisbon - Portugal)

- Realistic layouts, architecture, decors and features

- Huge coverage, as shown on project main picture

- Interactive Monuments, Museums and Theatres

- Continuity by roads & bridges connectivity

- Vacant homes for settling and furnish

- Furnished hotel suites for low cost stays

- Office buildings for private business rentals

- Clubs to manage and launch events

- Malls with freebies and store rentals

- Conference centre for fairs and lectures

- Themed schools for classes and workshops

- Big arenas for major concerts and shows

- Watersports of all sorts at the Tagus river

- Trains, Trams, Bicycles, Boats & Planes

- Parks for outdoor activities and events

- Restaurants and pastries

- Eco displays: wind power, green roofs & recycling

- Interactive birds, insects, reptiles, mammals & fish

Our Community Activities

- Attend public conferences, workshops & lectures

- Use many inovative and interactive features

- Explore and learn at the virtual museums

- Live on apartments with interactive furnitures

- Rent areas for business - bars, stores or offices

- Attend concerts, fashion shows & DJ parties

- Participate or attend exhibitions and fairs

- Dive into Tagus river with interactive creatures

- Ride the waves with surfboard, sailboat & jetski

- Meet people in the streets, parks or venues

- And many more small enjoyable surprise
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Re: Digital Lisbon is going 8X8 in Kitely

Post by Constance Peregrine » Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:06 pm

interesting use of existing limits as well as of the specific features Kitely provides....fascinating idea to use the wall as a collision teleport to skyboxes-)
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