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Tall Pines

Postby Dot Matrix » Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:51 pm

Inspired by the new Kitely Evergreen Island template, Tall Pines is Paislee's take on a northlander homeland.

It's a 2x2, still in development, but already you can see the environment taking shape.

Paislee and I were chatting inworld, and wondered whether others might like to share a ready-made environment for a homebase -- somewhere to enjoy chatting with friends, or horse-riding, or canoeing between the islands -- and, of course, exploring the rest of the hypergrid from.

It's not your usual flat land + rental offer -- it will be limited to just five northlander homes, all in a beautiful, sensitively developed landscape.

We're suggesting a monthly cost of 1500 KC per home, which is equivalent to just 5 USD when buying KC at the maximum discount. The world will be rated "Moderate".

Would that be of interest?

PS: Paislee built several of the places currently in the KWC Worlds Showcase -- for example, Dragons' Teeth, Imladris, Crossroads. For Tall Pines, she is aiming for a similarly immersive environment, but one that is less demanding of viewer and computer resources.
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