"Float" - Karima Hoisan

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"Float" - Karima Hoisan

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I just made some time to explore the 3rd region of Karima Hoisan's that I have been to.

I was just in the mood to find another Kitely region that was interesting.

I was going to do some photos but I decided the immersive experience is so much better for ppl to do.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsuV-zJO ... e=youtu.be

"Welcome To My Nightmare:) " Float"
Just turn your Environmental settings to
Water:Region Default
Sky: Region Default(Imprudence Night)

Please turn on your media (video icon) and set it to play automatically in settings. Check the icon, to make sure it is playing in every area you visit and not paused..toggling sometimes is necessary.

Jump in a float...and let your imagination do the rest.

Thanks to Scripter Dale Innis these floats exist, a bit perilous and you must trust your fate as you can't steer them, and they have a tendency to sink, but... that's what makes for the adventure!

The different tubes of light you see out in the distance, have their own floats, and ambiance to rest awhile after your tour. Just swim over (flying is safer:) and try them. You will see you almost feel safe...but not totally, Video has sounds, waves, and textures "things that go by and float in the water"

The large dome has video and sound with floats to sit on and immerse yourself in the disturbing nightmare-performance..

If you would like to see the poem written out and a bit of background on this world, I invite you to read the post on my blog Digital Rabbit Hole:

http://karimahoisan.wordpress.com/2012/ ... halloween/

Happy Halloween
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