The Race is ON!

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Kayaker Magic
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The Race is ON!

Post by Kayaker Magic » Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:27 pm

Help me test my new race gates!
Go to Panthalassa ( ... anthalassa) jump in one of the boats there, and time yourself sailing around my big island of Pangaea.
Pass through the Start Gate, sail counter clockwise around the island passing though each of the 3 Check Points in order, then pass through the Finish Line. If you don't know how to sail just fly your avatar through all the gates.
Your time around the course will be displayed on the Race Status Board and on this WEB site: Tell your friends to try it, then compare your times!
(The center of your avatar must pass through the prim to be counted. Going backwards through a gate doesn't count, you have to turn around and go through the correct way. If you miss a checkpoint or go through them out of order you will be disqualified and have to start over at the Start Gate).
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Re: The Race is ON!

Post by Ruby O'Degee » Mon Sep 14, 2015 4:03 pm

Yep, I see where this could have been useful. I wonder where you got your idea to force folks to start over if they don't make the gate. :lol: Curious Kayaker, have you got any race complaints about that? I got a good many last 7/4, but I made "em do it anyhow. 8-) Good luck with this project. How fun!

I shall have to enter your Beta testing, if I can stay online long enough (storm after storm in sunny FL). :roll:
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