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Send me your freebie landmarks

Postby Serene Jewell » Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:11 am

Many generous Kitely folks give freebies on their regions but no one knows about them. It's a good way to get visitors, but we have to let people know they are available.

If you give freebies of some kind, please send me a landmark inworld. I am compiling a folder of landmarks for new folks. Yes, I know that people can buy stuff on the Market, but in your first few days, you just want to get set up with a reasonable avatar, some clothes, and a sense of what is going on in Kitely.

Anyone giving out free avatars, PLEASE let me know. It's definitely the number one request.

Serene Jewell
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Serene Jewell
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Re: Send me your freebie landmarks

Postby Daniel Hoffman » Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:32 am

I have a lot of freebies in my two main regions, Transgenia and Castle on the Hill in Kitely. Feel free to direct folks to those locations if you like. Transgenia is more science fiction/weird/surreal and many of the builds are prim and sculpties with a few mesh creations. There is also a Star Wars inspired area in a skybox reachable by teleport and a space station area reachable by a little shuttle craft behind the main lab complex.

Castle on the Hill has some medieval stuff, a lot of plants and trees, some more surreal creations, a few Lovecraftian items, and some kinda Victorian stuff. Just wander around and right click like crazy and you'll find a lot of freebies all around. :)

- Daniel Hoffman
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Daniel Hoffman
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