im on then look for jungle stuff

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Shandon Loring
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Re: im on then look for jungle stuff

Post by Shandon Loring » Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:54 pm

Ilan is right, of course, and perhaps I should've mention that myself..

Most things you find will clearly explain their licensing. Many things will say "For Personal or Educational Use", which pretty much excludes uploading and selling it, no matter how you argue that.
But if you're clever enough to find it, rig it, mod it, upload it.. you should be able to dress yourself up like Colonel Wilma Deering or whoever. And if you do find stuff that is explicitly usable, or you've contacted the creator and got their okay, and your SURE you're in the clear.. .then by all means get it into Kitely Market (with licensing info clearly spelled out) so I can buy it from you and stop trying to figure out my own rigging! LOL
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Serene Jewell
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Re: im on then look for jungle stuff

Post by Serene Jewell » Fri Jan 29, 2016 9:21 pm

Over in the Blender for OpenSim group, there are some discussions about how to easily get the Make Human avatars into OpenSim. Make Human is an open source project. The models you make are CC0, all yours to do whatever you choose to do. The first people to figure out how to get the prettiest looking avatars onto the Kitely Market will probably do very well since there seems to be a great desire for good looking avatars. :-) ... 6043143028
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