Must Recommend Two Products: Sun Made and Pizzazz

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Must Recommend Two Products: Sun Made and Pizzazz

Postby Freda Frostbite » Sat May 07, 2016 10:06 am

Yesterday, I got to help my partner fix up his av so he looks good when hyper-gridding. His Kitely av was created back before HG was possible from here and it has always looked pretty great, but now he wanted an av for hypergridding. He is, frankly, not so great at fixing up avs as I am so he asked me to see to choose some pieces and parts to build a better av. All the products we got were good, but I really want to tell y'all that the skins and shapes from Sun Made Fashions and Pizzazz are pretty awesome. So awesome in fact that we ordered them again for his GCG av.

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