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Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2021 2:38 am
by Shandon Loring
Hey everyone!
I couldn't find any Hallowe'en Jammies, so I whipped up 13 different sets. Includes Bottoms, Full Sleeve Tops, Tank Tops, Slippers, and matching Hip Scarf Knot for the fashionable ladies! Matching socks also included for those with chilly feets, or to give the footie look if you don't like slippers.

Can easily mix and match tops & bottoms for unique sets.

I'm no clothing designer! LoL, but I think they're really cute. Especially the Mix n Match combinations.

And now you'll have Hallowe'en Jammies to come to the Jammies Party at the 'Scary Stories for Sleepovers' on October 21st @ 6pm grid time.

Jammies sets are free of course and available at, (you knew I'd say this didn't you), at the Storylink Radio Hallowe'en Mall right here in Kitely. Find the Jammies in the ROOFTOP SHOPS.

halloween jammies sales box.jpg
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