I LIKE BIG BOATS - I cannot lie!

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I LIKE BIG BOATS - I cannot lie!

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I found a bunch of BIG boats and have them now in Kitely.
They are Full Perm but non-commercial licensed.
Some of these are BIG! The Aircraft Carrier is over 300 meters long - but only 8LI. (see picture at bottom of this post)
Because of way Kitely is currently set up you can't have non-phantom megaprims anymore, but you could build a non-phantom deck or something I suppose. In any event they look amazing!

If anyone is interested I can hand them to you, or I can put them inworld at Neaburn City or somewhere to grab a copy.
Let me know!

Partial list
Nedlloyd Rouen Cargo Ship Boxed
Crane container N210616 Boxed
Airplane Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules Boxed
Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier Low Poly (ubODE)
Helicopter Harbin W2-19 Boxed
Ship Wreckage Boxed
Missile Gunboat Ver 1.0 Boxed
Iver Huitfeldt-Class Frigate Boxed Hamina-class Missile Boat Boxed
Merchant container Ship Boxed
Freedom Patrol Boat Boxed
NOAA Ocean Research Ship Boxed
Oliver Hazard Perry - Class Frigate Boxed

p.s. And don't forget if you like REALLY big ships, we have a full size Imperial Star Destroyer rezzed at Spaceworld, it is 1600m long.. that's over 6 regions long! Completely built out interior and all. More info here: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=6715

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