DARBY OGILL IRISH TALES - THURSDAY - Mar 16th at 7pm (grid time)

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DARBY OGILL IRISH TALES - THURSDAY - Mar 16th at 7pm (grid time)

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Now, What About Your Fourth Wish?

The Only True History, as told by Brian Connors, the King of the Good People, to Father Cassidy, and afterwards related by Jerry Murtaugh a Reliable Car Driver, who goes between Kilcuny and Balinderg of that night in Darby O'Gill's kitchen - the night when he met with the Good People; for there, off to the left, towered and threatened Sleive-na-mon, the home of the fairies.

Full Info: https://bit.ly/slr-darby-0316

Inworld simulcasts to Kitely & Second Life & Inworldz and Live On Youtube and Shoutcast

Tír na nÓg in Kitely
hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Creative%20Collaborators/223/195/4003 <-- paste this in search bar on your internet browser

Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/N ... /204/44/27
YOUTUBE Live: https://bit.ly/slr-darby-0316-yt
Shoutcast Audio Stream Live: https://bit.ly/slr-stream8130

You Can Watch & Listen Now RIGHT HERE!

Book: Darby O'Gill
Author: Hermione Templeton Kavanagh
ISBN: 978-1331265436
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