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Kitely Events For Tuesday, 9-6-2016

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:24 pm
by Freda Frostbite
Kitely Events For Tuesday, 9-6-2016

Tue, July 19, 2am – 3am
Learn English Network Academy ( English Network Academy)
ESL Drama (Poetry and Song) ... rk-Academy
Every week members of the Learn English Network meet up on Kitely to practise English through drama, poetry and song, and from time to time act our little avatar socks off.
All our sessions are aimed at English learners intermediate+, but you are welcome to come and listen and even take part if you are feeling brave.
Keep an eye on the LEN Virtual World group for announcements and to get some idea of what we will be doing, and where we will meet (or just play hide and seek with us). English Network Academy

12:00 Noon PST Writers' Chat
Writers of all genres are invited to this open discussion of all things writerly. This is for you, if you have written anything, long or short or are thinking of trying your hand at writing.
Please, choose Cafe on the Teleporter at the welcome area or use the blam gate just outside. Arts Center

1:00 PM PST Dance At Club Fantasia
Club Fantasia
Never Ending Story Ending Story
All Welcome to this beautiful new venue
- Tropical atmosphere
- Club lighting
- Special effects
- Aquatic dancing
Come dance and explore this amazing venue!
Rating: Moderate Ending Story