ADVANCE: Kitely Events For THURSDAY, September 8, 2016

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ADVANCE: Kitely Events For THURSDAY, September 8, 2016

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ADVANCE: Kitely Events For THURSDAY, September 8, 2016

ALL MONTH: The BBC series, "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Universe" is Playing On The Big Screen at The Babble Box Theater Arts Center

11:00am PST LEN - ESL English Chat - Kitely
LEN Academy in Kitely English Network Academy ... rk-Academy
This is an informal session for ESL learners upper intermediate +. You are welcome to drop in at any time but you might miss something. Oh and we rarely finish on time. This isn't a lesson per se.
We usually meet up in the pub, and then decide on a topic on a week by week basis, (decided on the forum or randomly by Lynne). From time to time, we will play a game or quiz, but it's only for fun.
!Notes -
This is a voice event, so you will need to have a headset and microphone, but you are welcome to come and listen.
Create your own Google Calendar and copy this event to see it in your local time.
or Calculate your local time using: English Network Academy

This week we will be at The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe and the music will be from the Rat Pack! Arts Center

4:00 PM LIVE IN KITELY: TRUELIE TELLING, a Gal With a Great Voice and A Guitar
Babble Cafe and Books Arts Center

5:00 PM MICA BREEN debuts at The Barn
Mica Breen Brings Country To Jasper's at Babble Arts Center. Mica is new to Kitely but not to singing in virtual worlds. He is well known in SL and beyond. Jasper's is brand spanking new! C'mon out to join the fun! Arts Center

6:00 PM PST Blender Buddies: Chat and Share
At Evergreen Island in Kitely. Chat about Blender projects, challenges, works in progress, random discoveries. All levels of skill welcome. Some of us share our screens via Screenleap. Island

7:00 PM GENT FROM BEAR CREEK starring Breckenridge Elkins
Humboldt Mountains at the Seanchai Library (map)
"Breck" Elkins is a hillbilly from Bear Creek, a fictional location in the Humboldt Mountains of Nevada. He is "mighty of stature and small of brain" — a physically huge and imposing figure, and his reputation as a short-tempered and ferocious fighter often precedes him throughout the Southwest. He is usually found in the company of an equally fierce and cantankerous horse.
Breckinridge is a larger-than-life figure whose abilities to dish out and absorb punishment go well beyond the limits of credulity. His limited understanding of situations, lead to confusion and complications. His ill-fated attempts to help friends and relatives usually come to grief for himself and often those he was ostensibly aiding. His repeated romantic failures in wooing the eligible women he encounters are another recurring theme.

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