Sailable waters in Kitely

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Trouble Ahead
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Sailable waters in Kitely

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Hello fellow Kitely world owners!

I would love to make a list or group of world owners, who have enough sailable water for sailors to explore by ship. It would be awesome if we could offer people worlds who give sailors the ability to rezz ships of any kind.

For people who would like to have " wind " on their sims for sailing I would gladly be helpful in providing Kayaker Magic's wind buoys on your waters and explain how they work , so your world will be sailable with the Ocean Engineering scripted ships as well. That would be wonderful.

Please post a reply on this thread so other people know your world is open for sailing, and if you have the Kayakers wind buoys rezzed.
I would like also to post the worlds names on our webpage :

Many thanks , T.
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Shandon Loring
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Re: Sailable waters in Kitely

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What a fun idea!
We welcome folks! And in fact Kayaker just rezzed a couple wind setter buoys for us at this weeks storytelling event "Moana".

Seanchai homeworld is a 3x3 with varying kinds of waters.. open sea, pirate bay and marina, inland lagoon, home of Falling Water in Opensim, tropical waters with live volcano and surfable waves, and more.. tropical beachwear - flowery shirts, shorts, sandals for sale for free at the beachside tiki huts. C'mon by! There are also a few sailable yachts at the Falling Water marina that you can copy and take for free.. but the scripts may need a little work!

Celticworld is a 2x2 with interconnected waterways winding among various Celtic iconic builds including Newgrange, Bunratty castle, Blarney castle, Stonehenge, and many more features...

Ahch-To is just a 1x1 based on the real life location of Skellig Michael - lots of rocky archipeligos you may recognize from 'Star Wars The Last Jedi'
not huge, but some sailing challenges amongst the rocky cliffs, with swimming mermaids and sirens (free for sale!)

All are welcome to stop by and sail and visit the sites. And as always we encourage you to join us on Thursday nights for live storytelling.
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