Live Event - Halfway-to-HALLOWE'EN: X-Files - The House On Hickory Hill - April 25th 7pm

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Live Event - Halfway-to-HALLOWE'EN: X-Files - The House On Hickory Hill - April 25th 7pm

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Presented Live in Voice
"They used to hang witches there"
Presented in Duet by Caledonia and Shandon
Arthur Creed moves his family into the House on Hickory Hill in Banewich, Massachusetts to write his next ghost book on the history of this house where a former family was murdered. There are no appearances of anything remotely 'haunted' however, until the youngest daughter Heather wakes in the middle of the night and sees the houses walls bulging and apparently bleeding. She runs to her older sisters room for help, only to find she has been kidnapped, and a ransom note left by Clayton Geech. Clayton Geech who murdered of the former family in the house... but he was executed 40 years earlier!

Book: X-Files: Trust No One
Author: Max Allan Collins

We will be presenting simultaneously on both opensim in Kitely and in Second Life. Audiences of both grids will be able to freely chat to each other during the performance via local text chat AND will be able to see the audience in the other grid!! This is a really cool bridging of the Grid Divide!


This world is public and open to all Kitely and Hypergrid residents. Guests are encouraged to wander freely about the property exploring and discovering. So drop by any time!
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