TIKTA LIK'TAK Inuit Art Exhibit Now Open

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TIKTA LIK'TAK Inuit Art Exhibit Now Open

Post by Shandon Loring » Tue Dec 31, 2019 11:42 pm

Enjoy 'cool' art?

A plein-air art exhibit is open NOW at the Celticworld Newgrange Art Gallery in Kitely. More than two dozen exquisite illustrations from the story 'Tikta Lik'tak' are on display.
(Stop by the Newgrog Irish Pub while you're in the neighborhood!)

ON JANUARY 2nd The Seanchai Library will be presenting 'TIKTA LIK'TAK' as a Live Storytelling event at 7pm SLT in Second Life and Kitely
For More Info See: https://stories-2020.blogspot.com/2010/ ... iktak.html

"An Inuit-Eskimo Legend"
The young Eskimo hunter Tikta'liktak is carried to sea one day on a drifting ice floe and never expects to see his family or homeland again. With luck, and much daring, he reaches the rocky, uninhabited island of Sakkiak, where he resigns himself to die of starvation.

In a trancelike sleep he dreams that the sea spirit sends him a seal for food and, when he awakes, he finds that the sea spirit has indeed come to his aid. From that day on he takes hope and -though he still battles despair, wild animals, and the elements- he begins trying to find a way of reaching the mainland again.

James Houston's retelling of this compelling saga vividly portrays the realities of survival in a harsh yet beautiful land.

For More Info See:
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