Testing a new SPD sailing battle ship

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Testing a new SPD sailing battle ship

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Ahoy !
Today I tested a new sailing ship: the Xebec built by Scurvy the Pirate, and scripted by Christine Nyn.
For those who are familiar with the SPD ships on SL, this ship is having the same sailing habits as the familiar ones. Cannon ranges are comparable , turning habits, kedge , etc etc as well. The great advantage of sailing this ship in Kitely ( compared to sailing same scripted ship in SL with the terrible sim crossings ) this ship sails very smooth, not lagging the sim at all.
I would say we are ready for the classical sailing battles with SPD ships, without the troubles we have in that other grid I mentioned!
I really hope people will join the fun of a FFA soon with this excellent scripted ship.

Scurvy made several models and they are only for sale at his sim called " Black Sails "
Please type "Black Sails" in your search window to get there. Of course all sailors are welcome to rezz the ships at the Tessin world, but Black Sails offers also very good sailing grounds.

Congratulations with the fine ship !
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