Sendalonde Library Call to Shipwrights- Grand Opening!

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Sendalonde Library Call to Shipwrights- Grand Opening!

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8 May 2021


The Library Board (TLB) for the Sendalonde Community Library is pleased to announce a call for entries for their first SENDALONDE EXHIBIT. This Exhibit will coincide with the Library GRAND OPENING on May 8th..

We invite your display of ships, boats, and decorative items for our 4-6 week-long exhibit.

Open to: Kitely shipwrights who build ships in Kitely.
Application deadline: 19 April 2021
Once accepted, you may place your ship or boat in the place assigned for it by TLB. Placement will be 20 April to 3 May 2021.

You may submit a total of 3 boats/ships or combination.
Some or all BOATS can go in the exhibit hall on keel blocks. SHIPS go outside at docks TLB will build.

If you are submitting a boat that can go in the exhibit hall, please note that you must also provide keel blocks for the boat.

Application and Requirements

1. Your name and the name of your Kitely Market or
Kitely land-based store if you have one.

2. For each boat or ship, we need the following:
Footprint size of width/length/height of boat or ship.
Total prims ship or boat:
Name of ship or boat:
Snapshot of ship or boat.
Details about the ship or boat [250 words or less] .
(For example, is it based on a ship or boat in real life?
What inspired you to build it? What physics engine
does it use?)

3. Information about you —anything you want to say about yourself in less than 250 words.

4. Snapshot of you. We may use this for publicity or to create an exhibit booklet.

Please submit the application to Snoots Dwagon on a notecard.
Name the notecard
YOUR LAST NAME - FIRST NAME Exhibit 8 May 2021

We will be creating an exhibit sign for each ship or boat. Inside the exhibit sign we will have a notecard giver with your bio and information about the ship or boat.

The exhibit will stay up for 4 to 6 weeks after the Grand Opening..

The Library Board:
Alexina Proctor, Prax Maryjasz, Snoots Dwagon
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Re: Sendalonde Library Call to Shipwrights- Grand Opening!

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Last call for "Shipwrights of Kitely" exhibit applications. Applications extended to 8am PDT (Kitely time), Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

This is a great opportunity to show your ship and boat builds. We may allow up to a selection of 4 for each ship/boat builder. This time it is only Kitely for our special GRAND OPENING of the Sendalonde Community Library and Theater.

Future exhibits will be based on book themes and open to all of the hypergrid.
--Alexina Proctor
Co-founder with Prax Maryjasz of Sendalonde Community Library
Library: hop://
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