WALKER IN THE CEMETERY - Late Night Horror - THURSDAY - Apr 18th at 9pm (grid time)

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WALKER IN THE CEMETERY - Late Night Horror - THURSDAY - Apr 18th at 9pm (grid time)

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Live Storytelling from Storylink Radio:
Halfway to Halloween - LATE NIGHT HORROR!

Following The Scary Stories Campout... viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7127
It is a time of new horrors and utter strangeness, on a totally transformed planet where mankind is no longer the master. The arena is the beautiful Cimitero di Staglieno, the stakes are life, death, and posterity.

Full Info:


Watch Live On Youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/@StorylinkRadio/streams
or Right Here:

Fair warning dearies, tonight’s little story is on the horror side..
including a bit of gore… but more psychological horror.
Think Ridley Scott, you know the Alien movies?
Ridley Scott meets Cthulhu…
Or perhaps more Ellen Ripley meets Cthulhu. Hmmm?

There is no foul language, at least not any F-bombs for sure, but like Alien you may want to consider this an R-rating for sci-fi violence/gore. There is a read-along link if you want to, you know, read-along… but caution! I have edited the story way down from the original..
there is bad language in the read-along text.

Anyway… please consider yourself duly warned.
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