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Places to visit

Postby Graham Mills » Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:35 pm

I ran a couple of sessions this week and I'm pleased to say that both times the worlds ran very nicely. Thanks, Kitely. :)

In one of the sessions students were encouraged to do a little exploration beyond the closed regions used for teaching. The list was more directed at academic/RL/historical connections rather than, say, storytelling so it is selective. My thanks to all on Kitely who run regions accessible to students on regular accounts. Once again, use of Kayaker's sailboats was a great icebreaker (not literally). :lol:

Kitely: use Map search (ctrl-M) to locate and visit the following:

Hosoi Mura (Edo period Japan)
Rezmela (authoring tool, emergency services)
Panthalassa (large region devoted to boats and other scripted objects)
Quayside (large region with various scripted aircraft for flying)
Micrographia (work in progress based on the book; hypergrid
Lisbon 1755 (pre-earthquake Lisbon)
Universal Campus

Via the hypergrid (you may have to quit the viewer in order to login back to Kitely)

Avacon conference center:
St Andrews University (various historical reconstructions): hub
Edinburgh University (oil rig): Rig
Japan Open Grid (oceanography, etc): (then map search for Abyss)
Paris Opera:
VIBE Nova (archaeology):
Primland (building tutorial): then Map search for primland

Some additional ideas:

And yes, Micrographia is still horribly unfinished though it was fun to demo in front of the class as well as being a promo for a forthcoming display based on the book.
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Re: Places to visit

Postby Serene Jewell » Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:53 am

Great list, Graham!
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Re: Places to visit

Postby Graham Mills » Tue May 02, 2017 5:54 pm

Micrographia has become something of an unfinished orphan project and I think it's time to reuse the land for other purposes. I'll archive what I can (sadly there's a lot of non-exportable content) but when I'll get around to looking at it again is another matter. This is just a heads-up in case any educators intended using it with a class. It will disappear from the grid in a few days.
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