The life of a student

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The life of a student

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I am a student. Does anyone know when my college will open in this corona situation. I don't feel good anymore. I got very sick from sitting in the house.
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Re: The life of a student

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The best source of such information is the college itself. Even if temporarily shut down, possibly they have contact information.

We don't know even the name of your college here, so there's no way for us to know.

But from the Covid side... this pandemic is so new and different from anything we have faced in the past, it is difficult to determine what the future holds. In the interim, doctors recommend that we maintain a proper exercise and activity regime. Of prime interest is walking (if you live in an area where that is possible), mild exercising within your home (even the simplest of exercises can offer great benefit), watching one's diet (avoid nervous eating), and intermixing housework with entertainment. The main key: we need to avoid sitting around all the time. That will definitely make a person sick.

For social activity, keep in touch with friends via telephone, zoom and email.

Whether we ever get out of this Covid era or not is anyone's guess. It's difficult to deal with a virus for which there is no known cure, has a delayed infection manifestation, and is a true "social disease" (the more people you're around, the greater the chance of contraction).

Myself, I try to keep myself busy with random things. From binging Netflix to housework to working on a hobby to Zooming to yes, posting things on this forum... keeping our minds and bodies active during these challenging times is about all we can do. Those who ignore Covid precautions are playing Russian Roulette with three loaded chambers. We exercise caution-- but at the same time keep active to retain our sanity.

And it works! I'm proof! Mwahahahahaaa..... :lol: :twisted: :roll:
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