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Hypergrid version of SlideBoard

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You can access a copy on the lefthand side of the entrance to the mall on the region known as Stuff -- there are 7 locations listed although jokaydiaGRID can only be accessed via its jumpstation at the moment due to the 4096 bug (on the server side) -- do a map search thereafter for Scooter. You should be able to take a copy of the board. It will probably only work on regions where you are owner. On the other hand you can simply map search for the locations listed below, many of which are gateways to additional regions. UPDATE: there's an editable notecard called transcript that lets you change destinations. It's very picky about format at the moment so stick closely to that shown in the demo board.

Turn pages by clicking on left and right prims; if there's an associated hypergrid address the hovertext turns red and you can hypergrid by colliding your avatar with the lefthand prim. Get back by doing a map search for grid.kitely.com:8002:stuff where your region's name replaces stuff. This doesn't always work -- you may have to relog if that's the case. If you are taking a group of students, do phase arrivals by 30 sec or so -- a simultaneous group arrival may crash some regions. You can't, of course, guarantee the same avatar concurrency as you get in Kitely either.

As ever on the interwebz, be careful where you hypergrid, especially with students, because destination regions are not going to respect Kitely's maturity classification and you can't guarantee who you will find there either. In practice the chances of meeting anyone are not that high at present ;)

fleepgrid.com:8002:fleepgrid plaza (freebies, OpenSim info)
fleepgrid.com:8002:primland (building/scripting tutorial)
apollo.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk:8002:Central Hub (historical reconstructions)
vibe.bio-se.info:9000 (edu-regions, notably space, biology, medicine and archaeology)
svc.jokaydiagrid.net:8002:hypergridlower (freebies, edu-regions)
hg.osgrid.org:80:mkholland3 (freebies, edu-regions)
hg.osgrid.org:80:vue-rig (oil-rig)

Update 19 May: Still needs work but have added the address to the hovertext for the collision prim and some additional chat about the destinations.
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