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Real Life Class in Lisbon - Introduction to Virtual Worlds

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 5:44 pm
by Carlos Loff
Hi, instead of using Kitely for RL Education, this time I will be using RL Education for using Kitely, so more Outworld people get Inworld involved

Whoever lives in Lisbon will be able to attend my free class about "What are Virtual Worlds", and "how can we use them" and "why should we use them"

The whole class will be developed by showing Real Time Inworld explorations, creations and interactions

Most demos will be along Kitely Worlds and surely my future mentoring will be around Kitely to conquer more folks to our lovely community - only the final part about searching and attending events will be held on SL because it has more offers at any given time of the week, alloying immediate feedbacks on that user area

Here are the links for the Meetup Site and specific Event, all in English
- Meetup Main Site >>>
- Meetup Virtual Worlds Event >>>

Outworld Classes can bring many people IN and be a good way to help Inworld development