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New Onboard

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:14 am
by Scorpius Aurotharius
First, I would like to say thank you to whomever owns this place. I wish I had known of it sometime ago. The prices are way more than reasonable for the amount you get. I had tried SL, but, their prices were so outrageous for what you got, I ended up leaving. So kudos to those that made this. I can get the size of land I want, (I went with the 39.95 option) and not have to worry about going broke in the process. That being said, I will move on to why I am posting in here.

I am a huge fan of the Counter-earth series. I am known fairly well on some other sites for my ability to answer questions and provide quotes on virtually everything Gorean. I am in the process of building Ko-Ro-Ba. (Please bear with me while it is under construction.) I figure that is the best place to begin on here (after all that is where the books start when Tarl awakes on Gor) and no other sims were going by that name. The place I am coming from is not known for having mature people in the Gorean role play. Hell, most haven't even opened a book. I have tried for many years to help them learn and be more "Gorean" in their role plays, but it seems my energies have been wasted. Anyways, I will be starting here new. I will bring people over that I feel have a respect for Gor and wish to role play it correctly and accurately. I will also be contacting some awesome Dev's to bring them here and start adding their items into the market. I am also a dev (of sorts) on the other site, and I plan on looking into making things for here. That will come in time though.

If anyone reading this would like to know more about Gor, John Norman, the books or anything related to Gor, please feel free to reach out to me.

Again, thanks for the awesome prices here. I am fairly sure I will be able to get some friends to come over.

Re: New Onboard

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:12 am
by Ilan Tochner
Welcome to Kitely Scorpius.

Re: New Onboard

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:49 am
by Soo Novi
Hi Scorpius. Welcome to Kitely. I'm new here, too.

Do you have all the books? I have them all in ebook but some of the earliest ones are in poor shape and could stand to be cleaned up. I have to admit that I've only read one or two. My kink doesn't bend that way, but it's all good for those for whom it does. I may have some clothing that will eventually make it to market that your users may appreciate. But, like you, I am trying to settle in and build right now. I'm consumed with "but I want to make it myself" so the going is slow. :lol:

Exciting stuff, huh? I hope to get a chance to visit your region when you are ready for guests. Will you allow OOC guests?