Are Goreans & other Lifestyles in Kitely ok?

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Dundridge Dreadlow
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Re: Are Goreans & other Lifestyles in Kitely ok?

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It is much easier to close certain sections, than to restrict access to non-specified sections, although each account does have the option to prevent adult rated areas being accessed.

It should be possible (in the future) for the guys to allow creation of limited accounts that cannot access adult rated areas, but no doubt would require specific coding and allowances for "Ok, you left uni, we can release adult controls now". Personally, I'd feel uncomfortable with that level of control on the account, but for some parental controls might be useful.
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PS. Kitely is awesome.
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Ilan Tochner
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Re: Are Goreans & other Lifestyles in Kitely ok?

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Hi Graham,

Your batch registration requirement and the ability to restrict certain users to a pre-approved list of worlds will be part of the future Group Plan options.

In the meantime, if you lock people's Account Maturity to Moderate (or General) then they won't be able to view any Adult-rated worlds in search results, they won't see the world pages of such worlds (just the name) if they find them another way, and the won't be able to see Adult-rated content in the Kitely Market. If you also restrict access to your worlds to only your pre-approved group of people then you'll be able to get most of what you need now.
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Re: Are Goreans & other Lifestyles in Kitely ok?

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Thanks, Ilan. That sounds good.
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Serendipity Seraph
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Re: Are Goreans & other Lifestyles in Kitely ok?

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Ada Radius wrote:Graham - what grades do you teach?

It seems like a better idea to put the adult sims into a ghetto instead, so that only over 18 (or whatever the laws of one's country) can even see the world ad at all. And I do think that's a good idea, as I want to bring my preschooler granddaughter and a few of her friends in. Second Life was impossible, even with me looking over her shoulder supervising everything. The G rated private sims had escort girls with their "dates", and the mainland's idea of protection is a joke. Here I can just take her to one of my sims with restricted access and know she's OK.
No freaking ghettos. The regions are already not enterable except on purpose unlike say mainland in SL. There is absolutely no need for this. It doesn't even make sense when you can't even show or see other regions beside yours.
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