Law and order

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Law and order

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For all who want to discuss any matters about laws, conflicts and tax paying on the Catronian Archipelago sims: we finally have a Town hall in Port of Morgan ( use the teleporter on landing spot to visit it ) and Captain Snoots Dwagon applied as Lord Major and judge. You can IM Snoots Dwagon about any issues you have on land and at sea. We will pick a time and date to meet in court. Before doing so, please read the articles below so you are informed about the procedure.


Article 1
Dwagons are now offishully recognized as "Honorable Residents" and not as pirates and privateers as previously rumored. Snoots Dwagon shall be known as "His Honor" unless specific activities obviously indicate otherwise.
Article 2
Judge Snoots Dwagon's authority and judgment is conferred upon him for as long as he is willing to take the Honorable task of being Judge and Major of Catronian Archipelago. No other person shall take this role without The Honorable Dwagon's consent. This is a Title for Life. (Note that Dwagons are immortal, so that's a long time.)
Article 3
No Judge shall take a bribe of any kind from any entity, be it Navy, Seaman, Merchant or otherwise. However, donations are gladly accepted to the Orphaned Dwagons Fund for the protection of this rare and valuable species. Note that currently the Honorable Judge Major is the only orphaned dwagon in Catronia, but there could be more in the future.
Article 4
The Judge's decision stands as given. No appeal is possible. However reconsideration of sentence may be possible upon donations to the aforementioned Orphaned Dwagons Fund.
Article 5
All witnesses on all cases are obliged to testify (truthfully or otherwise) by their hand (or paw) on the book of Catronian law, if it can be found. Any law which is deemed to not exist at the time of Court and Judgment may be made up on the spot by the Honorable Judge Major.
Article 6
Accused ones can be defended by so called lawyers, attorneys and shysters, especially if they are too drunk to present their own defense or the evidence too clear and excessive for them to otherwise defend themselves.
Article 7
Judgment may be debated, discussed and cursed so long as members of the court bring enough rum for other attendees to participate equally. However the wisdom of Dwagon Judgment shall not be reversed, as Dwagons have two brains and the Judge has already thoroughly discussed the matter with himself.
Article 8
Any participant of court who proves unruly shall be removed forcibly from the courtroom, upon which they may pay the Honorable Judge Major to re-enter the court should they so desire.
Article 9
Punishments will be related to the deed of the crime, worse if the Honorable Judge is in a bad mood. Rumors that judgments may be tempered or lessened with bribes of gold, rum or cookies are emphatically denied.
Article 10
The Judge is allowed during his session of the court to use all fluid drinks that make his speech more sharply and his judgments more colorful.
Article 11
The Honorable Judge Major is permitted to change articles of the book of law on his own authority, and will announce any changes in Catronian Group notices when he gets around to doing so. Any announcements not made may be stated during or following a trial and shall be retroactive in nature.
Article 12
Law and order shall be the rule of the day, mostly. This applies to Navy, Pirates, Privateers, Captains, Gunners, Seamen, Merchants, Wenches, Swashbucklers and Scallywags regardless of race, creed. species or odor.
Participants in the court are encouraged to wear flame-retardant materials, especially if sitting on the front row.

-- This concludes the Catronian Book of Court Proceedure --

This document was written by educated professionals to be the core of Catronian Law and have not been influenced by Dragons, Pirates or Privateers in any manner.
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