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Sin Karsin
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Just a Thought. (Observing Role Play Projects)

Post by Sin Karsin » Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:43 am

As I stated in my previous post, I am currently working on a project (Name Pending) that revolves around Norse Mythology. It's more of a builders concept I'm working on because there's currently no story written. Mainly, it's something I am practicing while utilizing Mesh Build (New to Mesh modeling). I am very interested in testing the capabilities of a full immersive Role Play World with the 4 x 4 megaregion option. So there's a little bit of experimentation to enjoy.
I am so far impressed with the Kitely community, it would seem there is quite a core base group that support it. I have already met an assorted amount of mesh builders and scripters that have knowledge of those third party programs (Zbrush, 3dMAX, Maya. etc) and are willing to share their knowledge with others. I can see where kitely preaches these fundamentals in regards to education. I also like the connection of Kitely and Sim on a Stick in establishing for both an online and offline editor.
With this in mind, I wanted to throw a "Thought" out into the open and see what other developers opinions are. I know most of you probably deep down fancy the thought of establishing a 4 x 4 mmorpg project especially on the kitely platform. Unfortunatly as much as we dream big we can never reach that goal alone without spending years to accomplish it. That is of course unless you get burned out first which I feel occurs most often. Talented developers plummet in their build and the idea never takes off like it should. Of course these are my own opinions but it's something I feel occurs strongly.
So what I am proposing is a collaboration of these core developers to come together to develop a Game/RPG World. What this entails is up in the air really. I am very interested in joining others on a project, we can throw it up on kickstarter! (J/k)
Anyways, it's just an idea and I'm not looking to be a team leader, nor do I have interest in helping with writing the story or not. I just want to make a badass looking world that will bring The Horde.
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Dundridge Dreadlow
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Re: Just a Thought. (Observing Role Play Projects)

Post by Dundridge Dreadlow » Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:23 am

Why not throw it on kickstarter ? Heh.
Creating a game environment for everyone is worthy :)

Creating a game project is something I have a long term interest in, with the right funding I'm there :)
Don't forget, several of us have 4x4's available, and those worlds can be linked in the builds if space runs low :) There is nothing to prevent more than one being developed, or even smaller areas.

..also.. the tech available on Kitely is probably a bit MORE than most people think it is..

One irritating thing.. people are interested in more than one genre, magic, technology, fantasy, they all need tying together.

..and if it's Occulous Rift compatible (even a little bit..) Been thinking a lot about that, but I guess I'll just have to fork out for a dev kit at some point.
PS. Kitely is awesome.
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