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Re: Return To Devokan

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A week later, back home in Winterfell, I received the documents regarding ownership of Aquaetas. Quin included a letter which thanked me again but was otherwise simply a description of the enclosed documents which I was to sign and return. There were no surprises here until the last sentence above his signature...

"I should also inform you of the news that Miss Dot has resigned her post with The Trust."

Oy. I guess that didn't go well. It's really a shame to see Dot Macchi depart The Trust. I will miss her, she is the reason I am here! Well, who knows, maybe some time away from things...or persons... Of course, she did go on that sabbatical once before. Hmmm. Oh dear, maybe this is final.

I first met Dot and Quin here in Winterfell four years ago. Seems I have known them both much longer than that. That's the way it is with Time in these worlds I travel.
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Re: Return To Devokan

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Ms Macchi's resignation from the Devokan Trust and Mr Whitfield's increased assistance with the Ages of Evergreen (now renamed Aquaetas) has both freed me and unlocked the necessary finances to pursue promising directions of research in metaversal interconnections.

The Trust's logo, originally conceived by Mr Mat Mahogany and executed in stained glass by D'Lanor, once more epitomises the Trust's direction(s) of travel. I am most encouraged.
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