Excellent Addition to your role play Region!!

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Excellent Addition to your role play Region!!

Post by Valerious Strongborn » Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:44 am


how would you like to turn your sim or sims (up to 16 tested)into a epic battlefield or a RolePlay Community with metered combat,anti teleport,respawns,admin controls,pvp tournaments and contest and more. we are proud to present the konk system to REGION OWNERS...where you control your own game..crafting will be inplemented in the near future.we will always keep you updated and assist in setting this system up..i have written a easy to understand start to finish guide for you to be up and going in no time..pvp is in effect with the supplied pvp stats board that list all players kill death ratio's..and a nice little title to give them bragging rights..you get all the major updates free of charge but with the limitations on grid to grid updates we may need to come hand deliver you the updates but be assured you will get them.. all you will need to do is check in on the webpage for news of updates



please hop to our testing grounds so you can see the system in action


there is a tutorial there to give you the genral feel and a free starter hud/meter(lvl 0)and a free weapon (fist)


**you get 11 respawn points to set out across your land simply rez them where you want them

this is all throughly explained in the setup notecard. but simply put you get 5 lvl respawn points and 5 class respawn points (we only have 5 class's made at the moment but plenty more to come)

so the region owner controls where lvled players can respawn according to class and lvl...

**you get the pvp stats board any player that kills or dies from combat will be added to it and then there kill/death ratio tracked and listed.. top 8 listed but anyone wantng to know thier k/d can touch the a button to get there stats.....

complete files and guides to make Metered non player characters

(npc's that attack players and give them konk coins when detroyed)

we are not offering support on this part of the setup because npc's can be so tricky to make the main thing to remember is you have to be the sole creator of the rezzer for the npc's you can't drop the provided scripts in boaxes and expect them to work. you must copy /paste scripts it is all well explained and fairly simple...

**you get 2 copyable working traps to set out anywhere you like (some classes can detect traps like a thief)

**you get 1 copyable konk health tree you can set as many out as you like to allow players to heal from it..but it does run dry and has to replentish...

**you get the konk object server this is where alot of the combat system resides and does the rezzing on health potions and abilities.. you only need 1 of these out

**you get a modifyable npc server (to place your cutom made npc's into.. lets understand you can technicly make any type npc dragons,monsters,any full avatar you own can be made into a working enemy that attacks players and gives them loot...
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Re: Excellent Addition to your role play Region!!

Post by Moonrise Azalee » Mon Nov 23, 2015 11:21 pm

Sounds fantastic! I myself quite love RP when I can find time - sadly not on regularly enough to be a good contributing member but I will definitely come check it out.
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