RP Mall Opening

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RP Mall Opening

Post by Ravyn Stormchyld » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:18 pm

Dragon's Hearth RP Mall and Transit Hub is opening its doors to RP merchants grid wide. There is no charge for the market stalls at this time, anyone that wants a store to show merchandise that is from any RP genre is free to contact Ravyn Stormchyld or Caribia Zsun about getting a mall store. We will also be putting in market stalls in the main lobby so if you just have a few things you are welcome to open a stall as well.

Also Club Ravyn has been rebuilt completely and is now open to not only DJ's but Live performer staging as well. The club is open for all to use just send Ravyn Stormchyld an IM inworld to let him know you would like to book the club for free. Also if you are performer or DJ, send me a link to your land url for your stream and i will set it up in the new SHoutcast Radio I built. Just one click on your name and you are ready to stream.

We have setup shopping and meeting places for RP's and adboards for you to display your ad for your RP. We will also be setting up booths so that RP's can recruit for their sims. If you want we also have the transit hub that we can add your sim to it so it is easy for new people to find you in a nice subway type interface, new people step up to the ticket booth and select your sim and away they go.

If you are interested please send IM to Ravyn Stormchyld or Caribia Zsun, spaces are filling up pretty quick. Reserve yours today!!
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