New Dragon's Hearth RP sim

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New Dragon's Hearth RP sim

Post by Ravyn Stormchyld » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:41 pm

We will soon be opening Dragon's Hearth RP sim. Sorry it was delayed we have been working on the RP mall.

We are using the excellent Konk Combat/Crafting system by Valerious Strongborn. We have 16 regions broken into 10 levels of difficulty. Many, many different NPC types to face (and they are all quit challenging to fight), everything from Goblin, villager, Satyr, Pirate on to level 10 Death Dealer. Plenty of collectables throughout the region to hunt for, for crafting items and potions. Quite a bit for everyone to have fun.

We are currently working on getting the Questing system up and running. We plan to have Raids, Story Missions, Side Missions, Daily Missions, of course Tutuorial missions, and special item quests as well. This will be up and running soon (takes a while to write a novel about a sim lol). There is also a morality system built into the questing system that makes for an extra challenge. Whether you want to be good or evil or somewhere in between, is really up to you. As with this morality system there will be different endings for different levels of morality. But be warned, it is very hard to change your morality after a certain point. All avatars and alts are welcome to participate.

Soon we will be starting a tournament of champions, all sims and characters welcome to participate. This will coincide with Valerious Strongborns Ultimate Tournament as players that compete in Dragon's Hearth tournament will be invited to the Ultimate Tournament. So bring your A game for this one.

Come by and see us at Hearth Medieval RP
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