Sailing and sailing lessons

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Sailing and sailing lessons

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Sailing in the virtual! Yes!! Many of us love that!

We provide three sailing systems to test for visitors, ships in rezzers and one free simple Bwind ship at the landing point with a manual added. When you walk through the " sailing lessons " door on landing point, you will find the ships in rezzers and all documentation you need to give it a try.
This are the three systems provided in most virtual worlds:

-SPD scripted ships
-Kayaker magic scripted ships
-Bwind scripted ships

This tutorial will do to learn the basics:

-Kayaker Magid scripted ships are on the ships docks: 4 classical sailing ships to try out, huds provided
-SPD ships are available on the Marketplace and the market stalls on the docks will guide you to Kitely marketplace ( this kind of ship is mostly used in the battles)
-Bwind scripted ships: at the landing spot is a box with a free simple modern Bwind scripted ship, with a manual to learn to sail it ( this system is well known in SL by Bandit sailors). You can rezz it anywhere on the sims to sail.

So... enjoy learning to sail all the ships, and chose the one that suits you best! Type " Tessin" in " explore worlds" search on Kitely s website and you will get there.

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