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Village communities revisited

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:54 am
by Dot Matrix
Over time, regions and ideas evolve and develop. An earlier thread in this section looked at the possibility of developing a village community from scratch. The discussion was lively, and the thread is one of the most looked at in this section. But in the end, the project never took off.

So... I'm thinking of taking an alternative approach, repurposing "old" builds to create the basic infrastructure for village communities. The builds in question are on Evensong and Vespers. Both are Devokan storybuilds, but that does not mean they are solely role-playing regions. To quote from the previous thread:
Dot wrote:I would see the village idea here as more rural than Caledon, and not strictly set in the past. So it's not necessarily a pure role-playing area, but rather a stylish, immersive environment that people will enjoy both visiting and potentially making a home in, whether or not they see themselves as Victorian or modern, RPer or non-RPer.
Of the two, Vespers is closest to the concept I have in mind -- clusters of cottages "rented" as holiday homes by Kitely people and visitors from other hypergrid-enabled OpenSim grids. Some folk already have cottages there -- Danko, Filbert, Ilf, June; others are thinking about it. Danko and Filbert are Devokan storybuilders; Ilf and June are friends from years past.

Why "holiday homes"? Unlike Second Life, there is no shortage of land in OpenSim. So most are likely to have their own full sims to develop. However, sometimes it's good to have a base on another grid, especially if you have friends there.

I mentioned "rent". This would be 600 KC per month (approx. 2 USD) for a cottage and use of all the facilities (e.g. game tables for Spades, chess, checkers, snakes and ladders etc., hangout areas). The "rent" is based on past experience of visitor time inworld, especially when they regularly play games of cards.

There are still three cottages unspoken for on Vespers.

Evensong, a 2x2 megaregion, will take a little longer to tweak. While this includes some key landmarks for past Devokan stories, it will be possible to develop village communities on Touchstone, Retreat and Skysong, maybe with slightly different themes.

Re: Village communities revisited

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 1:19 pm
by Dot Matrix
I'm still interested in taking this project forward. If you would like to be part of it, do get in touch. Thanks!

Re: Village communities revisited

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 6:36 am
by Dot Matrix
With the recently introduced options to enlarge existing worlds and the price changes, I've changed Vespers to a 2x2 Standard World and imported the current Evensong build.

I'll be redeveloping Evensong, so it will be inaccessible for the time being.

The new Vespers itself is coming along rather nicely. You're very welcome to visit and explore.
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