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Waymarker 88221 Blender Mesh Update

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2015 3:06 pm
by Ruby O'Degee
The Waymarker 88221 Waymarker 88221 Community continues to produce Did You Know That? question and answer summaries about any sort of building or environmental lighting projects/processes. Serene Jewell is currently tutoring absolute beginners, and I (Ruby O'Degee) will be back next mid month (August) to tutor advanced beginner and intermediate Blender mesh live tutorials via Skype voice and file sharing (least @ odds with my internet provider issues). Until then you are welcome to join the Google Plus Waymarker Community where we share slide tutorials, annotated videos, image textures and Blender files.

There is no cost/fee/whathaveyou. Sharing what we are learning and cutting into the learning curve is just something we like to do for our Kitely friends and Hypergridders too.

The Waymarker blog is here
The Waymarker Community is here ... 0042082806
The open to the public Waymarker storybuild and tutorial center is here ... rker-88221