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Rent Free Beach Cottages

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:25 pm
by Marianna Monentes
We have three Cape Cod rentals nestled along the bluffs of Sunrise Cove at Sierra Sonnet. Free rental-short or long term-furnished. If you have ever wanted to live on a coastal bluff overlooking a beautiful cove, this might be something you would like. The amenities here include surfing, windsurfing, shopping, dancing and strolling along the beach looking for shells. A great little cottage to call home, please contact Marianna Monentes to reserve your stay, all are welcome.

Sierra Sonnet has a little cove called Sunrise. During the 1800’s pirates looted a ship full of jewels just north of Sunrise Cove. Most of the jewels tumbled to the sea floor where they now wash up and can be found in the seashells that adorn the beach of the cove. Each tide brings in new jewels and washes out the old, so it is wise to check the beach as the tide changes.