COVER YOUR REGION IN SNOW - easy, free, 1 prim, custom to your region

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COVER YOUR REGION IN SNOW - easy, free, 1 prim, custom to your region

Post by Shandon Loring »

Want a quick and easy way to add snow to your WHOLE region?
A few drifts or really deep! Easy, Free, Custom to your region, and only 1 prim!

- Download RAW Terrain of your region
- Convert the RAW to a .png for sculpts at: ... culpt.html
- Find the height range of your region...
(e.g. go stand on your highest mountain and note your altitude)
- Create a sculpted prim in your region using the .png you just made
- Set it to Phantom
(note: if you'd rather walk on top of the snow than slog through it just leave Phantom unchecked)
- Texture it to Blank
(or apply a cool snow texture you like, set to about 20 x 20 repeat)
- Position your new sculpted prim it at <128,128,30>
- Resize it to 256x256x whatever your highest point on your sim is
- Now adjust the Z position of your new snow to make a few drifts around your region, or completely bury everything in snow!

It's not perfect of course, but I think it is a fun effect, and super easy!

For an example of what it looks like you can visit Octoberworld where we've added 'snow' for our special Thanksgiving presentation of
"Alice's Restaurant", set in the winter in Stockbridge, MA... with snow on the ground!

The above are "Quick Start" instructions, if any bit of them don't make sense please feel free to contact me!!

p.s. i suppose you could do this in mesh just as easy, i don't really know benefits or pro/cons of one vs the other in this case
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Re: COVER YOUR REGION IN SNOW - easy, free, 1 prim, custom to your region

Post by Allyson Wunderland »

Oh hey! That's relly fun Shandon!! I covered Wunderland in snow.. LoL!!

It is real easy to do, but if anyone needs help give a holler.. i can even make one for your refion for you if you like!

Happy snowy season!
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