Difference between "in-world" and" Kitely Market" perms

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Re: Difference between "in-world" and" Kitely Market" perms

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now by export, do you mean they can save the item to their pc and reupload it as them creator? I know in SL you can only do that with prims that you are creator of. if this is explained somewhere else, point me in the right direction please. I am new to the hypergrid and opensim so tons of questions about safety of my creations.
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Re: Difference between "in-world" and" Kitely Market" perms

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There are multiple ways content can leave a grid:

1) It can be worn or taken in an avatar's inventory when it hypergrid teleports into another grid?

2) It can be rezzed in a region and saved to an OAR file of that region.

3) It can be given inworld to an avatar that belongs to another grid and has hypergrid teleported into the grid.

4) It can be taken/copied from where it is rezzed inworld by an avatar that belongs to another grid that has hypergrid teleported into the grid.

5) It can be sent from Kitely Market to that avatar.

6) Some viewers include tools for backing up content that was created by avatar that is logged into the viewer.

7) Some people use hacked viewers to illegally create copies of content that has been downloaded into their viewer (this is often referred to as copyboting the content).

8) It can be saved in an IAR file that is created from an avatar's inventory.

In Kitely:

- Options (1) to (5) are controlled by Kitely's export control system so that you can only export such content only if it has been acquired from Kitely Market with the Export permission or it has not been acquired from Kitely Market but for which you have both Copy and Transferred permissions.

- Options (6) and (7), which are viewer-based options, work as described above (in both SL and all OpenSim-based grids) and are not controlled by any export control system other than the rules defined by these viewers.

- Kitely doesn't support IAR creation so Option (8) is not a viable option for exporting any content from our grid.

Please read this link for further explanations of how Kitely's Export controls work: https://www.kitely.com/virtual-world-ne ... plemented/

My recommendation is to sell your items in Kitely Market and to use its Export controls to decide which items will be legally exportable from our system and with what permissions.
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