Sinkholes and Terragen

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Sinkholes and Terragen

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Has anyone run into a problem with “sinkholes” appearing on 2x2 and larger worlds. This is not a Kitely issue because I’ve now run into on other grids. A smooth area will just get what look like “sinkholes?” This has happened on unbaked as well as baked terrain areas.

My second question relates to Terragen, Planetside’s, free terrain generating software. Has anyone used this to import USGS maps and create .RAW files of “Real life” areas? With larger planets 4x4 and 8x8 it would seem we could capture a real minute of angle arc map and use it for role play or training?
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Re: Sinkholes and Terragen

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I have seen sinkholes in a Kitely sim. I believe it was the work of the ODE physics engine, since shifting to Bullet cured it. Unfortunately, Bullet is a resource-hog so I can't recommend using it all the time (Kitely lets you chose).
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