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Scott Dolphin
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Export Sketchup Settings

Post by Scott Dolphin »

I am exporting shapes from Sketchup and cannot seem to get the settings correct. I am exporting a simple square wall shape 13m wide x 13m high x .5m thick with a simple door cutout. I cannot seem to get it to export to allow me to apply different textures on different sides of the wall. I created the wall as an extruded shape then cut out the door, group selected all of the faces then exported it

I did eventually manage to get one side to load a separate texture but it loaded on both faces of that side (inside the cube and outside) therefore if I look through the 'window' in the applied texture I see the back face of the opposing side. I can't seem to select the back side and set it to transparent.

What am I doing wrong? I have tried many different option settings but most of them deliver an incomplete object when I import into Kitely
If anyone has a link to a tutorial please share. :D

Oddly I did not have any problem individually texturing different faces of a very complex window frame construction or a curved extrusion of a crown molding once I exported them to Kitely, but I can't seem to replicate it on a simple flat wall
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Re: Export Sketchup Settings

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Hi Scott,

This may be useful: viewtopic.php?t=3199
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