Objects disappear as zoom closer.

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Re: Objects disappear as zoom closer.

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Tess Juel wrote: Philip Rosedale actually once said that the way linksets are done was the biggest mistake when they created SL.
When I moved to Inworldz and then to Opensim Hypergrid... link limits were wonderfully removed. I was able to create a Firefly spaceship that was 105m long and 1,000 prims all linked as one object. It rezzes and flies beautifully. This would be impossible to build on SL using standard prims.

Not to mention going from 10m prim limits to 256m (this was before the days of LL's 64m prims... which they used to allow-- and beyond-- and then got goofy and knocked that down to 10m).

I've not built on Second Life since. I can no longer tolerate the arbitrary restrictions. Opensim is so much more friendly with building allowances.
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