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Region Images

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:03 am
by Michael Timeless
I've been trying to print a large format image file of a region. To do this I want to get the highest resolution image possible because as I scale the image up I'm trying to avoid pixilation. The in world map give a very good high quality image. However, there is no way to export it intact to pull it into photoshop. I've used the OS function which lets me put it on a prim but once on a prim there is no way to export the image (even though it is my image) unless I'm missing something? I've also tried the "worlds" image from the main Kitely page but this is simply the image I've posted. I've even tried to do screen captures and Gyazo captures but I'm limited again to what will physically fit on the screen. My Photoshop skills trying to patch several images together to create one large image have not been...good. LOL. I've even tried to export the .RAW file and "colorize it" without luck.
Any suggestions?